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Fishing Baits - Crayfish

Fishing Baits - Crayfish Crayfish, also known as crawdads, are one of the most versatile Fishing Baits for all game fish. They are small crustaceans resembling little lobsters and usually live in cold water ponds, streams, and lakes. Crayfish are suitable if you are after bass, trout, catfish, and walleyes. Here are some tips and guidelines concerning Crayfish:

Rigging Crayfish
The most common way of rigging Crayfish is to hook them through its tail with a larger Fish Hook and using them with a split shot. Another method is to slowly hook the Crayfish through the ridge between its eyes. Be careful when doing this because you might kill it when you hook it too deeply. In this set-up, use a split shot only when necessary. Whatever method you use, your objective must be to make the Crayfish look natural.

Gathering Crayfish
Crayfish are not that available, as compared to Minnows and Worms. If you will collect Crayfish, try searching on nearby lakes and brooks at night. If you do not find any Crayfish by looking over rocks, get an empty can and detach the bottom. When you see a Crayfish, trap it using the empty can. That way, you can simply pick it up. Trapping and seining can also be used in getting Crayfish. But do not get complacent in getting the Crayfish. It has pincers so you better hold it around the middle of its body.

Keeping Crayfish
Crayfish are very anti-social with other Crayfish. To avoid them from killing each other when they are on the same container, give them something in which they can pay their attention to, a piece of meat for instance.

Though Crayfish seem tougher than Minnows, Crayfish also need cool water and adequate ventilation. Maintain a cool and well-aerated environment for your Crayfish. Place them in a large container with some rocks, gravel, and adequate amount of weeds from the lake.

There are different kinds of Fishing Baits out there. In general, it is really a matter of preference or need. Use the bait that suits the kind of Fishing that you do and you can be on your way to a nice catch.

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