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Fishing Reels - Types

Fishing Reel Types - Different Types of Fishing Reels Fishing Reels are classified into two types: conventional and fixed-spool reels. Conventional reels have spools that revolve, and are widely-used in saltwater Fishing. On the other hand, fixed-spool reels, as the name implies, have immobile spools.

Within these two classifications are three types of Fishing Reels: Baitcasting, Spinning, and Spincasting.

Spinning Reel
The most commonly-used Fishing Reel type nowadays is the Spinning Reel. It is a fixed-spool reel wherein the housing around the stationary spool which is parallel to the rod's axis, spins around it at a turn of the handle. Obviously, the use of a Spinning Reel will produce a Casting Technique called Spinning. Since the spool is fixed, there's no way you can have backlash. Spinning Reels are available from ultralight to medium heavy sizes. Unlike Baitcasting Reels, Spinning Reels are less sensitive and can be bulky considering the larger sizes and the heavy lure and bait attached.

Baitcasting Reel
Is a conventional one so small that it fits easily to the angler's hand while mounted on the Fishing Rod. This type of Fishing Reel is used for bigger freshwater fish and small saltwater fish. Using this type of Fishing Reel will create Baitcasting. A Baitcasting Reel is good for its sensitivity to movement at the Fishing Line's end. However, Baitcasting Reels are inaccessible in ultralight line sizes and "backlash" tangles during casting are possible. Likewise, learning how to cast with Baitcasting Reel is a relatively hard job.

Spincasting Reel
Could be seen as a combination of a conventional and a stationary reel. Spincasting Reels are very angler-friendly and are advisable for children and beginners because at a push of the button, they are already operating the reel. That's why Spincasting Reels are also named as pushbutton reels. But here's the catch: among the three types of reels, Spincasting Reels are the least sensitive as far as the movement at the end of the Fishing Line is concerned. Also, you cannot totally control the lure or the fish and poor Spincasting is a possibility.

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