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Fishing Tools - Landing Nets

Fishing Tools - Landing Net Also called a fishnet, a Fishing Net is used to hold in fish once it is pulled in. It comes in different types and sizes, depending on the type of Fishing that you do and the area where you will be using it. One of the common types of Fishing Nets is the Landing Net. This is usually a bag-shaped net attached to a long handle which is used to enclose the fish. You need to bring one on your Fishing trip especially when fishing from a boat, unless you want to increase the risks of losing the fish you have caught.

Landing Nets vary in sizes, depending on the type and size of fish. A Landing Net with a large hoop and long handle is made for species like muskellunge and northern pike. If you are after salmon, make use of a strong, metal-framed net that is large enough to carry a big fish. On the contrary, it is good to use one with a short handle for trout and other small species.

Aside from the fact that having a Landing Net can give you more assurance that you will be able to catch the fish successfully, a Landing Net can also serve as a safe ground of removing the fish from the water as well as the process of unhooking the fish. The fish will go berserk once you start unhooking it. What's worse is that it can break your Fishing Line or even hurt you. Remember that some species have rough scales or sharp fins. It will also be some torture to the fish if you let it flop on the ground or in your boat until such time that you are finished unhooking it. It would be better if you proceed on unhooking while the fish is still on the Landing Net.

A Landing Net can aid you in almost any, if not all, Fishing situations. Bring one everytime you go Fishing.

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