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Fishing News December 2007

Our Fishing News Desk stays up-to-date with all the fly fishing events and news items from around the globe. This is the news archive of December 2007. Get your daily fishing news updates right here. You can use the Display Mode changer below to view our news in different formats:

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Porgies Abundant in Offshore Waters
  Porgies Abundant in Offshore Waters NEW JERSEY - Porgies are now available on the offshore grounds after they were gone from inshore waters for several weeks. Recently, anglers have been catching big porgies on the offshore grounds. According to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), there was overfishing of porgies this year. In 2008, NMFS' proposed landing limit is 7.34 million pounds, which is 39 percent less th
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Urban Fishing Program 08 Brochures Now Available
  Urban Fishing Program 08 Brochures Now Available The 2008 Urban Fishing Program brochures are now available at all Department offices and fishing license dealers in Arizona. The brochure highlights information on Chandlerís new urban lake, Veterans Oasis, and it has pages to help people get started with fishing in urban lakes. Meanwhile, the license fees, fish limits and other regulations will remain the same as last year. The
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Cosco Busan Leaves Traces of Fuel at the Bay
  Cosco Busan Leaves Traces of Fuel at the Bay SAN FRANCISCO - Tests showed that the Bay still has traces of spilled fuel in shoreline fish-breeding habitats. The test conducted by the California Department of Fish and Game biologist Ryan Watanabe and herring fisherman Dennis Deaver checked signs of fuel on the floor at 500 feet of the shoreline. Fishing experts say that the test result is scary enough to halt the winter's com
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Go Sport Fishing & Surfing at Jaco Beach
  Go Sport Fishing & Surfing at Jaco Beach MIAMI, FL - For many years, Jaco Beach, Costa Rica has been an ideal destination for those seeking contact with nature, breathtaking beaches, and a surfer's paradise, all while enjoying an exciting "city life". Yet, until now, options to own a luxury beachfront property in this "urban oasis" have been limited and sub-par. Creating a new model for luxury Jaco Beach living and vacationing is Wyn
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Rare Colorado Mountain Land Comes Up for Sale
  Rare Colorado Mountain Land Comes Up for Sale South Fork, CO ( - After years of unavailability, rare lands in Coloradoís southern mountains have come up for sale in a coup for outdoorsmen, fishing enthusiasts, and those looking to spend their vacations in an unspoiled, private-access setting. With parcels varying in size from two to more than ten acres and in price from just $78K to $319K, this unparalleled opportunity will place t
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 # News Items: 11            Page: 1/3           

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