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Fishing News June 2008

Our Fishing News Desk stays up-to-date with all the fly fishing events and news items from around the globe. This is the news archive of June 2008. Get your daily fishing news updates right here. You can use the Display Mode changer below to view our news in different formats:

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Ladies, Let's Go Fishing! Seminar on Sept. 19-21
  Ladies, Let's Go Fishing! Seminar on Sept. 19-21 Islamorada, FL - More than 100 women will come from South Florida and other areas to learn fishing at the 9th Annual "Ladies, Let's Go Fishing!"® seminar. This award-winning fishing seminar series for women, hosted by Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and presented by Mercury Outboards, kicks off with a networking reception at Holiday Isle on Friday, Sept. 19 from 6 - 8
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Shark Finning Ban Issued in Atlantic and Gulf
  Shark Finning Ban Issued in Atlantic and Gulf Washington, D.C.- The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) filed new rules that will require federal shark fisheries in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico to land sharks with their fins still naturally attached. Previous federal regulations required only that fins and carcasses be brought to dock in a specific ratio, allowing shark fins to be cut off at sea. "The new rules are a m
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Greenpeace Launches Seafood Campaign Website
  Greenpeace Launches Seafood Campaign Website International - Greenpeace launched today a new seafood campaign website, publishing its 'Red Grade' Criteria for Unsustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture. Greenpeace has used the criteria to create an international red list of seafood species at high risk of being sourced from overfished stocks or having been caught using destructive fishing methods, or both. Greenpeace calls on companies not to t
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FRIDAY, 13 JUNE 2008
Kayak Fishing Film Starts in Shark-infested Waters
  Kayak Fishing Film Starts in Shark-infested Waters The Heliconia Press is very excited to announce that shooting has begun for a first-of-its-kind kayak fishing action movie, ExOfficio Presents Kayak Fishing: Game On! For release in Spring 2009, the film follows renowned big-game kayak angler Jim Sammons around North America on the kayak fishing adventure of a lifetime. Jim hooks up with local kayak fishing pros as he seeks out tarpon in Florida,
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SAC Fastener Sponsors Tournament Bass Angler
  SAC Fastener Sponsors Tournament Bass Angler Williston, VT - SAC Fastener Company Sponsors Tournament Bass Angler. In an effort to maximize their advertising budget and promote the company, SAC Fastener Company has entered into a sponsorship agreement with tournament bass angler, Sean McLoughlin, for the 2008 tournament season. Although it is an unlikely match, SAC Fastener Company of Williston, Vermont has partnered with local tourna
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